OCZ Eclipse Laser Gaming Mouse
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Rutledge Feman
Date: 04-14-2009
Provided by: OCZ Technology
Closer Look

The retail package comes bundled with the mouse itself, a really thick user's guide and a mini software disc. The user's guide is split into several different languages, each section being 10 pages, and details how to use the included Eclipse software suite.

Unlike most mice I have used that make use of multiple surface textures, the majority of the Eclipse is wrapped in a smooth plastic finish that feels nice under the hand but may not offer the best grip. The Eclipse name and logo are printed on the palm of the mouse. There are two buttons on the left side of the mouse that are within easy reach of your thumb.

The top of the mouse has the standard left and right click buttons as well as a clickable scroll wheel and an up / down switch to adjust the DPI on-the-fly. A series of blue LED lights behind the switch indicate which setting the mouse is currently on. The right side of the mouse is rather plain, as most are.

The belly of the Eclipse features three mouse feet; one large one at the bottom and two smaller ones up top. The tracking laser is positioned in the middle of the mouse and there is also a profile selector button near the top. The Eclipse also makes use of an adjustable weight system, allowing you to add or subtract weight to meet your preferences. To remove the cover, simply slide it back towards you and it will come off. You can then remove individual weights or take out the entire weight assembly.

Move ahead as we take a look at the included software.

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