OCZ Technology 2 GB Secure Digital Dual Memory Card
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Frank Stroupe
Date: 09-21-2006
Provided by: OCZ Technology
Closer Look

Once again, OCZ has taken an already great product and made it that much better. No longer are you required to use a card reader to load files to and from your computer. Simply remove the SD card from the device, remove the protective cover on the end of the card, and attach it directly to a free USB slot.

I have been using the OCZ Dual SD Card in both my cell phone...

and my digital camera...

for the past week and have had absolutely no problems in either situation. As mentioned above, it's a breeze to be able to plug the card directly into your computer and bypass the card reader.

As mentioned above, the SC card works like a champ. But, let's see just how well it does its job...

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