OCZ Dominatrix Gaming Mouse
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 11-19-2008
Provided by: OCZ Technology

The Dominatrix has a lot going for it as a mouse—great specs, seven buttons, three customizable profiles, and an awesome feel. The weights are a nice touch, making sure that the Dominatrix has the right feel for you no matter how heavy you like your mouse. Though it looks a bit gimmicky, the color-turning scroll-wheel is great for quickly checking your DPI setting. The buttons are of the perfect sensitivity and in a great place. All of this together makes for a pleasant experience, be it during gaming or everyday use.

All that being said, I really disliked the software included with the Dominatrix. Not only does the tilt-scrolling feature require a whole separate program, but it didn't always work. Also, the “Gaming Mouse” software is poorly designed. Instead of using labels and words to explain the GUI, they use arrows that they hope are self-explanatory for some sort of aesthetic appeal. While it gets the job done, the included software wasn't pleasant to work with.

Taking a look at the features that Dominatrix offers versus others available on the market, I noticed that it has two almost identical twins. The Cyber Snipa Stinger mouse and the MSI GS-501 not only follow a very similar physical design, but also use the same “unique” drivers as the OCZ Dominatrix and have the same features. Furthermore, most of the features of the Dominatrix, both ones that I like and ones that I don't, were used by other mouse companies like Razer and Logitech years ago. The Logitech G5 both uses customizable weights and also more effectively and discreetly implements tilt-scrolling by integrating it into the SetPoint software.

Not only would I not be able to recommend the OCZ Dominatrix over either of its twins (the Stinger and the GS-501), but at around $35 USD, I find it hard to recommend over other, more robust mice selling at just $10 more.

+ Great layout, shape and feel
+ No sign of tracking problems/pointer precision issues
+ Customizable weights

- Bad software suite
- Not innovative—the same product is available from two other companies
- Tilt scrolling doesn't always work
- These features have been better implemented by other mouse companies long ago

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