OCZ Dominatrix Gaming Mouse
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 11-19-2008
Provided by: OCZ Technology
Software and Testing

The driver CD for the Dominatrix has a nice splash for choosing which components to install. The 4-way scrolling driver is a separate piece of software which allows the user to utilize the tilt-scrolling mechanism on the mouse. This software is required to enable tilt-scrolling, and the tray-icon cannot be disabled, so you have to hide it (that's a pet peeve of mine). If you don't want to tilt-scroll, these drivers are unnecessary.

Also included on the CD is “Gaming Mouse,” pictured above. This program allows you to customize the scale for your DPI switching button and record macros for your two customizable buttons across all three profiles. Like the tilt-scrolling, if you don't want to record macros or otherwise customize your mouse, you don't have to install it; the Dominatrix is generally Plug ‘n' Play.

Testing – Software

I was pretty unhappy with the software included with the Dominatrix. Though third-party drivers are included for the tilt-scrolling, I found that they didn't always work. For example, side-to-side scrolling in iTunes simply did not exist. Also, the “Gaming Mouse” software, while it seems pretty self-explanatory, felt unnecessarily clunky. “Gaming Mouse” also turns off the “Enhance Pointer Precision” feature in Windows, making for an inconveniently jittery experience.

Testing – Gaming and General Use

Actually using the Dominatrix was very pleasant. Though I like a heavy mouse, for testing I tried using a full mouse (seven weights), a half-full mouse (four weights) and an empty mouse. For gaming, even for long periods of time, the Dominatrix was always comfortable. I did not experience any tracking problems or any pointer precision issues. One of the best parts of gaming with the Dominatrix is that the DPI notification is the color of the entire scroll-wheel. This means a quick glance in the direction of the mouse tells you what your DPI setting is, as opposed to a small display, which requires more attention, or no display at all.

In everyday use, the Dominatrix is great. Though the shape of the mouse is good for gaming, during regular use, I found myself wanting there to be a bit more mouse under the thumb area. When relaxing my hand, my thumb tends to fall to the side of the mouse rather than into the groove. Also, the thumb buttons are of the perfect sensitivity and in the perfect place. I never found myself stretching to push either button, misclicking, or having to push too hard.

Now that we've seen what the mouse can do, let's wrap this review up with some conclusions…

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