OCZ Blade DDR3-1600 6-6-6 6GB Triple Channel Memory Kit
Author: Frank Stroupe
Editor: Airica Jones
Date: 09-29-2009
Provided by: OCZ Technology
A Closer Look

The memory is packaged in OCZ's new triple channel hanging box, with a black/platinum color scheme. The box itself is generic to triple channel, with the memory's specs label visible through one of the box's windows. The rear of the box gives some basic OCZ triple channel information and some sites that have sung OCZ Triple Channel's praises.

Inside, there are two blister packs, thankfully not hermetically sealed, one protecting two modules, the other protecting the third module.

The OCZ Blade is a sharp-looking memory module, with its heavy aluminum finned heatspreaders, matte black color, and raised OCZ logo. OCZ uses a black PCB for the Blade DDR3-1600, which adds to the aggressive look of the modules.

OCZ currently has a trend of putting nice badges on their specialty memory. I love them but I have a tough time photographing them. This one didn't turn out that bad but still doesn't quite show how cool the badge looks. The Blade series has an OCZ logo, XMP memory has an i7 logo, SLI ready memory has nVidia's SLI logo, etc.

The OCZ Blade DDR3-1600 6-6-6 modules are verified to run at DDR3-1600 6-6-6-24 at Intel's required VDIMM of 1.65v. The three 2GB modules, coupled with a 64-bit operating system, will give 6GB of triple channel goodness. If you haven't experienced the i7/X58 yet, triple channel provides a tremendous boost in memory bandwidth over dual channel systems.

The Blade's fins are designed to give the memory modules additional cooling while raising the profile of the modules a minimum amount, unlike their Flex, Reaper, and ReaperX series. Though only a couple of times, I have had issues with tall memory fins conflicting with large CPU coolers, and this will be less likely with the Blade modules. Though the fins raise the profile only about 1.4”, their design contributes a significant amount of surface area to the heatspreaders.

Even the rear of the heatspreaders has some grooves to increase the heatspreader's surface area. Note the cool little OCZ logo screened onto the PCB.

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