OCZ Behemoth Gaming Mouse
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 05-07-2009
Provided by: OCZ Technology

Like most USB mice, the Behemoth has plug-and-play basic functionality. What separates it from the competition, though, is that all settings are stored on the mouse, and use of those settings requires no extra installation of drivers or bloat software. Simply run the software on the included CD (no installation required), run your settings, and then you're set to go.

The main page of the software allows you to reassign the functions of each button. The button is highlighted in the upper left picture when you select it, which helps clarify, for example, which button is button 4 and which is button 5. Among the many functions you can choose are Keepshot, which clicks several times with small delay, hoping to give you the clicking advantage in a firefight, and Emulated HID, which will launch a program for you.

You can also write macros or scripts for your Behemoth mouse. These macros and scripts can either be stored on the mouse itself, along with all of the other settings, or into a library on your hard-drive. Not only can you specify the speed of instruction of macros and scripts, but you can also set them to play once on click (fire), loop until you click again (loop), or loop while pressed (keep firing).

Finally, on the configuration page, you can set the on-the-fly DPI switch levels, as well as the USB report rate.

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