OCZ Behemoth Gaming Mouse
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 05-07-2009
Provided by: OCZ Technology
First Looks

The Behemoth mouse comes with a small bundle: a multi-language manual, a driver CD, and the mouse itself. The mouse has a long (about six feet), cloth sleeved cable. In between the OCZ Dominatrix mouse and the Razer Lachesis, two similarly featured mice with similar numbers of buttons, the Behemoth certainly does take the cake for size.

The Behemoth takes a similar shape to the Logitech MX Revolution, with extra grooves that are home to the ring and pinky fingers. The scroll-wheel, in an old-fashioned choice, does not light up and does not provide any sort of tilt-scrolling features. Also on top, we see the on-the-fly DPI switching button. As the sensitivity is higher on the mouse, more of the blue LEDs turn on. The left side of the mouse is home to two buttons, typically used as forward and backward for browsing. The Behemoth is generally single-textured, with a soft rubbery-plastic feel to it, which isn't too grippy that it is uncomfortable, but won't get slippery when sweaty.

On the bottom of the mouse, we find the laser sensor, the profile button, the adjustable weight system, the five silicon feet, and the various cable routes. Weights can be added or removed from the bottom of the mouse. This is a welcome change from the Eclipse, which houses weights in the top of the mouse. This keeps the center of gravity low for a more stable experience. An interesting feature of the Behemoth is the multiple available cable routes. If your computer is in an uncommon place or you simply want the cable of the Behemoth to come out at a different angle, that's now possible.

Here you get a better idea of the actual shape of the Behemoth. It takes on a tall, wide profile, which certainly takes getting used to. My one complaint with the layout of the Behemoth is the side buttons, which require a little bit of a stretch to press the one closer to the back of the mouse.

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