OCZ Technology GeForce 8800GTX
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Frank Stroupe
Date: 02-23-2007
Provided by: OCZ Technology
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A video card from a memory manufacturer? Yes, it's true. I was just as shocked as the next enthusiast when the news first broke late last year that OCZ would be marketing their own 8800 GTX video card, but considering OCZ had recently released such products as watercooled memory, SD / USB cards and even CPU heatsinks, the news really wasn't that surprising. We got our first look at the OCZ 8800 GTX during the OCZ Overclockerfest at CES last month. The card was on display and fully functional in a clear Plexiglas case along with a few other yet-to-be-released products. Anyway, today we will be taking a look at this new video card from OCZ Technology to see how it holds up under today's most strenuous gaming environments... and of course, overclocking!

The OCZ 8800 GTX arrived in a standard black box featuring a sports car on the front as well as some NVIDIA logos. OCZ usually produces some nice product graphics but I must admit I was a bit disappointed with this "simple" design. A box is just a box, yes, but of all the 8800 GTX retail boxes I have seen, this one ranks near the bottom. The reverse side of the retail box shows a few examples of the 8800 GTX technology in use, such as HDR lighting and the unified shader core. SLI technology is mentioned as well as a comparison chart of the G80-based card against previous generation NVIDIA GPUs. Below is a listing of specs and features of the OCZ 8800 GTX, borrowed from Newegg and OCZ's websites.

I am sure you have all seen the in-depth technical specs on the GeForce 8800 GTX cards, so I will not bore you with a repeat of that. The OCZ 8800 GTX, like most every manufacturer's offering, is based on the NVIDIA reference design, so don't expect anything new or ground breaking here. But there are a few things that do set the OCZ card apart from others. First, the OCZ 8800 GTX is "binned to perfection" -- this means that every OCZ card is pre-screened and only the best cards make it to market. In theory, this would point to higher core and memory overclocks and in general, a very stable card. We will be pushing this card to the limits today to see if this theory holds any merit. OCZ offers a lifetime warranty on their 8800 GTX cards, very much similar to what is offered with their memory.

Continue ahead as we have a look at the package contents and give the OCZ 8800 GTX a more detailed look...

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