OCZ Fatal1ty 750W Power Supply
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 07-22-2010
Provided by: OCZ

The Fatal1ty 750W is semi-modular, with the main 20+4pin ATX, 8pin EPS and 4+4pin ATX/EPS cables hard-wired to the chassis and sporting the more traditional nylon mesh wrap. Some Intel motherboards, like the MSI Big Bang XPower have begun to utilize two EPS connectors to handle higher +12v CPU loads, and it's nice to see OCZ take that into account by providing dual cables. Although the 4+4pin connector snaps both halves together to keep them aligned, the 20+4pin does not, meaning the +4pin section must be manually held in place and could potentially work itself loose.

None of the 6+2pin PCI-e connectors latch together either, although they do have stops to keep from backing out. The modular cables consist of two 6pin to 6+2pin PCI-e, two 8pin to 6+2pin PCI-e, two SATA with three connectors each and two accessory with three peripheral and one floppy connector each. This provides a decent mix of the various types and ensures you won't run out of connectors for your system. If for some reason you need more, you probably shouldn't be looking at a 750W class power supply anyway. Rather than using the typical nylon mesh wrap, the modular cables all have a low-profile molded rubber jacket bundling the wires together. I have always been a big fan of Ultra's FlexForce cable system, which they discontinued sadly, and this is the first time I have seen a power supply manufacturer come out with something similar in design.

The sockets for the modular cabling all use six or eight pins, and differentiate accessory from two of the video card connectors by color only. It appears OCZ has taken the precaution of keeping power and ground pin placement common across both sets of plugs, which should help prevent frying components in the event you get them mixed up, however I would still advise care be taken to ensure this doesn't happen.

The voltage specification sticker shows that the OCZ Fatal1ty 750W offers up to 18A on each of the four +12v rails, along with 28A on the +3.3v and 30A on the +5v. Obviously the 18A per +12v rail is a peak rating, as the maximum combined wattage is only 650W, which works out to about 13.5A per rail when divided equally. OCZ does claim the Fatal1ty 750W is capable of providing a continuous, total 750W at 45C. I wouldn't try to run dual GTX 480s or Radeon 5970s on it though.

Aesthetically the Fatal1ty 750W is virtually identical to the 550W unit, featuring a textured, flat black finish, with a large 135mm red LED fan behind a black chrome wire grill. The rear of the unit has an open honeycomb mesh panel, standard C14 power receptacle and on/off rocker switch. On the side is the model designation, specification sticker and Fatal1ty brand label. The UL File Number E243823 indicates that OCZ Technology is the manufacturer, however sources tell us that the Fatal1ty 750W is actually made by OEM High Power.

Next let's install the Fatal1ty 750W and perform some testing.

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