OCZ Fatal1ty 750W Power Supply
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 07-22-2010
Provided by: OCZ

For the past two years OCZ has been capitalizing on the Jonathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel name to promote their gaming series of memory and power supplies. Although OCZ does target some of their other products towards gamers, such as their Special Ops Edition memory and GameXStream power supplies, the Fatal1ty name is certainly well-recognized among PC enthusiasts. It's also been utilized by other manufacturers such as Abit, Creative, XFX and Zalman on everything from motherboards and sound cards to peripherals like mice, headphones and even cases.

The product we have for review today is the new OCZ Fatal1ty 750W power supply. We've previously reviewed two other Fatal1ty-branded OCZ units, the 550W and 700W, with seemingly mixed results. Although the 700W model performed flawlessly for Shawn, Rutledge had some misgivings about the 550W after putting a heavy load on it. The new 750W appears to have more in common with the 550W, with its modular cables, multiple +12v rails and overall chassis design, while the 700W with its single +12v and non-modular cables has been discontinued.

The packaging for the units has remained virtually the same, with only the model number and specifications changed on the box. The 750W carries OCZ's exclusive PowerSwap five year warranty, ensuring if you ever experience a problem with your power supply, you'll get a new replacement and not a refurbished unit. The 80Plus Bronze certification rates the 750W at a higher efficiency, and the new modular cable design utilizes low-profile, molded cables rather than stiff, bulky nylon mesh wrap. nVidia SLI-Ready certification determines the 750W to be dual-GPU capable, with quad +12v rails and four 6+2pin PCI-e cables.

Join me as I take a closer look at the OCZ Fatal1ty 750W power supply.

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