Corsair Obsidian 800D Chassis
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Zahn Funk
Date: 03-22-2010
Provided by: Corsair
Exterior Cont.

The back of the case looks just as impressive as everything else. At the top of the chassis is an array of honeycomb vents to expel warm air (hot air rises). Flanked on either side of these vents are buttons used to remove the side panels. Just push the button and the corresponding panel latches are released and the panel can be removed. To reinstall the panel, hold down the button, situate the panel in place and release the button. This system is very easy and works flawlessly.

There is another array of vent slots on the left side that run vertically behind the motherboard. These slots have a purpose as part of the cooling system which I will cover when we get to the interior. Below the top cooling slots are two liquid cooling tube holes with rubber grommets. It's clear that Corsair designed this system with custom watercooling in mind.

A large 140mm fan is preinstalled to exhaust warm air from the CPU area. The I/O and expansion bay area are pretty standard with seven usable slots plus a vented area just below the bottom slot. Finally we have the power supply installation area which is pretty standard.

Rounding out the exterior is a look at the bottom and top of the Obsidian. The chassis is raised from ground level using three thick aluminum feet, each with two anti-slip rubber grips. The first photo shows the included dust filter in place while the second shows the filter removed. The filter is easily removable by pulling it out from the back of the chassis and can be washed and reused.

There is another large 140mm intake fan in the bottom of the chassis designed to pull cool air from under the system into the case. We also find another vented area which allows a power supply with an intake fan to grab cool air of its own.

On the top of the case are three 120mm intake fan ports which align perfectly for use with up to a triple 120mm radiator. This case is starting to look like a watercooler's dream.

Let's move ahead and have a look inside the Obsidian.

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