Corsair Obsidian 800D Chassis
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Zahn Funk
Date: 03-22-2010
Provided by: Corsair
First Look / External

Inside the retail box we find the case wrapped in plastic and enclosed inside two large Styrofoam end caps. I had seen photos of this case online prior to receiving it but I still wasn't prepared for just how large it is. The chassis is a monstrous two feet tall and two feet deep and certainly falls into the full tower category. The case is also very heavy; the shipping label listed the weight at over 40 pounds (I don't recall the exact weight as I already threw away the label and box).

The Obsidian comes with all of the accessories shown above: quick user guide, rubber fan grommet, several small zip ties, hard drive rails, four black SATA cables with 90-degree angle connectors on one end, custom four SATA power cable, various packets of screws and an 8-pin CPU extension cable.

Here we have the Obsidian. The entire chassis is black, both inside and out. The chassis itself is constructed of steel and is extremely rigid (and heavy) while the front panel bezel is aluminum. The chassis and the bezel mesh well together and you really can't even tell they are different materials. The left side panel features a large window that is cut to showcase the entire motherboard and power supply area.

The front of the chassis has five 5 1/4" drive bays, more than plenty for nearly every use. Above the drive bays is the power button and LED alongside a door that folds down to reveal the front I/O panel. Behind the door are four USB ports, two audio jacks, a FireWire port and a reset button.

Below the drive bays is a door that houses four hot-swappable drive trays. I will go into more details on this during installation. Below the hot-swap drive system is a white Corsair logo. The right side panel is solid black and featureless.

More just ahead.

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