OtterBox Commuter and Defender Cases for iPhone 4
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Zahn Funk
Date: 09-09-2010
Provided by: OtterBox
Commuter Series

I will start with the Commuter series which is a more mainstream offering from OtterBox. The Commuter series offers three layers of protection but does so without the added bulk (and additional protection) of the Defender series.

We received a retail version of the Commuter which arrived in the yellow and black hanging package shown above. The case itself is visible through a window on the front of the box while a list of features can be found on the reverse in multiple languages. Features of the Commuter case can be found below, borrowed from the OtterBox website.

Included in the retail package is the two-piece Commuter case, a clear screen cover, installation card, cleaning cloth and installation guide. The installation card is stiff like a credit card and is used to remove bubbles when installing the screen cover.

The Commuter case consists of two parts: a hard polycarbonate shell and a silicon jacket.

Looking at the back of the Commuter, we see a window for the Apple logo as well as cut-outs for the camera and flash. The OtterBox name is etched near the bottom of the shell. On the left side of the silicon jacket are volume control buttons and a cut-out for the ringer on / off switch. The top of the case features a removable plug for the headphone jack with a tiny cut-out for the secondary microphone. The power button is accessible through the silicon jacket much like the volume control buttons. The right side of the case is plain.

Let's move ahead and install the Commuter case on our iPhone 4.

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