NZXT Zero Full Tower Aluminum Chassis
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Frank Stroupe
Date: 12-20-2006
Provided by: NZXT

The left side panel features four 120mm intake fans.

Four 120mm fans may seem like overkill, but given the sheer amount of area they cover, these can aid in cooling the processor, motherboard and video card/s.

The rear of the case offers two 120mm exhaust fans. I was happy to see a free-flowing design with these exhaust ports, rather than the restrictive grill designs that many other case manufacturers use. You can also see that two thumb-screws are used to hold the left side panel in place, allowing you to gain access to the case without the need for a screwdriver.

Here we have a closer look at the seven tool-less expansion slots with reusable covers; definitely a plus.

More ahead as we cover the remaining sections of the exterior...

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