NZXT Whisper Full Tower Case
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 10-21-2008
Provided by: NZXT

Outwardly, the Whisper is very plain. Indeed, other than the semi-stylized front door and the outline of the top-mounted access panel, the all-black Whisper appears almost monolithic in design, recalling images from 2001: A Space Odyssey. There are none of the usual exterior vent holes for fan airflow, aesthetic windows or apparent illumination of any kind. The case has sharp, straight lines with no rounded edges, bulges or weird, sculpted shapes, although the front door holds a raised triangular solid panel backed with vertical columns of grill-work. The Whisper most certainly fits into NZXT's Classic series of cases.

The finish on the Whisper is smooth but not glossy at all. Both painted surfaces and molded plastic have a semi to flat-black appearance that seems quite durable and does not show blemishes easily. The rear layout reveals an uncommon design, with bottom-mounted power supply topped with openings for dual 80mm fans. The standard motherboard format using a single 120mm exhaust and seven riser slots is located above that.

The full-length door opens only slightly past 90, revealing seven solid bay covers, with a 5" to 3" adapter located in the top position. The power and reset buttons are at the very top front of the case, with the power button and HDD and power LEDs accessible through an opening in the door. The top latch releases a pop-up I/O panel with two USB, headphone/microphone jacks and an eSATA port available.

Now let's have a look inside the Whisper.

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