NZXT Vulcan Micro-ATX Gaming Case
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 06-03-2010
Provided by: NZXT

Both side panels are held in place with two thumbscrews each. The left panel slides off easily and features mounting holes for a large 200mm fan which is not included. This part of the panel extends outward to give additional clearance for the fan if you opt to place one there. From the side we can clearly see how much the top fan and I/O port housings rise above the top of the case. Other than purely for aesthetic reasons, it probably would have been simpler if NZXT had just made the case a little bigger overall. Of course then it would be a fairly plain, square box. The interior chassis is painted with the same textured powder-coat finish as the exterior.

Rubber posts will raise your power supply off the bottom panel, providing better cooling and helping to prevent scratching. Four riser slot blanks are made from mesh and held in place with thumbscrews. The exhaust fan position near the top offers mounting holes for either an 80mm or 92mm fan, not included. Here we also get a better view of the on/off switch that controls power to the case lighting.

Towards the front of the case we find the cages for two 5" and two 3" external drive bays, as well as two more 3" internal bays at the bottom. An open area between them provides plenty of room for extra long video cards like the 12" ATI Radeon 5970. The other included fan, a 120mm intake, is mounted in front of the lower drive cage, which is turned 90 for easy addition or removal of drives without having to remove other components. The included rails are keyed to allow drive ports facing towards the back only.

Unfortunately the wiring coming from the front panel is somewhat bulky, consisting of cables for the motherboard headers, USB and eSATA ports, audio jacks and power/reset switches as well as connectors for the two fan controllers and separate fan power and lighting wires. However NZXT has made sure to allow plenty of wire management loops in the motherboard tray as well as a huge socket access opening and a smaller pass-through for power supply cables. The carry handle comes bundled separately with the rest of the accessories which are all individually packaged and clearly labeled as to their purpose. A fold-out installation manual with diagrams and pictures is included in case you get stuck.

Let's get some hardware installed in the NZXT Vulcan.

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