NZXT Sentry LXE Fan Controller
Author: Jakob Barnard
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 10-03-2010
Provided by: NZXT Corp
Unboxing - First look

Taking a look at the box, it is fairly subdued, but gives you a clear idea that the controller is a stand-alone unit. The back of the box contains multi-lingual specifications. The contents came well packed with the controller card wrapped in an anti-static bag. The box contains the instruction manual, the controller itself, a controller card (pre-wired with temperature probes and fan connectors), long 8-pin connector cable, and a small bag with screws, tape, battery, and spare probes.

The card itself looks to be a bit of a mess with all of those wires, but once sorted out and untangled makes a lot of sense. You can remove some of the connectors if you are not going to use five fans with the controller. The fan connectors use the fairly standard 3-pin connection, something to be aware. Case fans are typically Molex or 3-pin and sometimes come with an adapter to chose between the two, but not always.

The blacked brushed aluminum controller looks slick. Yes, it is another thing to take up space on your desk and isn't tiny, but isn't over-sized either. It sat well balanced on the stand and has a comfortable viewing angle.

On the back of the controller we can see where the other end of the 8-pin connector cable goes. The cable has plenty of length so there shouldn't be an issue finding a convenient location on your desk to place the unit. On the cable itself, one of the ends had a loose wire. I was able to place it back into its proper location. I wasn't able to find any reports of this online, so am classifying it as a packing fluke.

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