NZXT Rogue SFF Gaming Case
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 11-26-2007
Provided by: NZXT

Since there's only one motherboard type the Rogue supports, the standoffs come preinstalled and in fact appear to be permanently attached. There are a few variations among microATX boards, some are wider and so there are two standoffs that go unused with this one. There is an opening for the motherboard I/O plate, which you hopefully received with your board as one is not included. There is also a large opening under the CPU socket but the standoffs are some of the longest I've seen, the board is raised fairly high off the tray.

Upon reinserting the motherboard tray into the Rogue chassis I noted that it was going to be difficult working inside the case with only the top off. After reading through the manual however I noted that both side panels are removable which helps tremendously during installation.

Everything was going pretty smoothly up to this point. When I went to install the drives however I discovered that the front panel blanks are all held in place with screws, which can't be accessed from inside the case. There are four screws, one in each corner, that hold the front panel on and must be removed to get the panel off. Once this is done the blanks can be taken out and the drives installed.

The next problem I ran into was trying to use the drive rails to install the optical drive. These are the worst rails I've ever used, and I'm not even sure I have them on correctly as the drive would not slide all the way back into the bay. Worse yet, when I tried to remove it, it wouldn't come back out either! I had to work with it for several minutes before I finally freed the drive, and then promptly removed the rails and threw them back in the box. The manual had no helpful hints on using them so I opted to install the drive with standard screws, which worked out much better anyway.

Obviously black drives would look much better in this case but beige was what I had lying around. They fit nice and flush with very little gap around the bezel. The power supply I installed is a smallish 450w unit that is only 5" deep. You can see how close it comes to the back of the optical drive, there's only about one inch remaining until the power connector would get in the way. You could possibly find an adapter with a right-angle connector that would free up another half-inch or so, but that's not much. There is an included extender bracket that can be installed, and allows an extra inch of power supply to stick out the back of the case. By my calculations this gives you roughly 7-8" of space, depending on whether you can find a right-angle molex, and this may not be enough for some higher-end power supplies. NZXT claims it accepts up to 750w units but of course the exact dimensions are going to vary by manufacturer. I would recommend against using a modular power supply in the Rogue as it will not be easy to connect/disconnect the wires from the unit once installed.

Ahead to final thoughts and conclusion.

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