NZXT Rogue SFF Gaming Case
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 11-26-2007
Provided by: NZXT

After popping the cover off the top we find the interior of the Rogue a little more cramped than it appears from the outside. The two 5" and two 3" center bays take up a good bit of space, and a total of four internal 3" spots are mounted to either side. Only two of the four available side positions come with fans installed, one set as an intake fan and the opposite side turned around for exhaust. With the power supply and the rear fan that makes three exhaust compared to the one intake so undoubtedly some air is going to be drawn in through the other two vents. Only the intake side has mesh screen filters, the other side is open.

The Rogue comes with a bag of accessories, including the usual screws and other assorted bits, manual, drive rails, power supply extender bracket, keys and carrying harness. All of the mounting hardware is put in separate bags and individually labeled as to their use, this is the first I've seen a case manufacturer go through the trouble to do this, nicely done NZXT! The manual is okay, pretty average as far as case manuals go, has some black and white pictures and short descriptions with some halting English. The manual could really be better, especially considering this case is not like your standard mid-tower design. I'll show more of the carrying harness later in the review.

Thumbscrews are used exclusively over the back of the case to hold the power supply bracket and motherboard tray. As I mentioned before, the tray is removable and easily slides out for installation. The riser slots use standard screws though. The entire chassis has been painted black, inside and out, and the finish is a deep gloss that seems very durable. I did not notice any chipping or scratching when loosening the thumbscrews which is good.

Let's get ready to install some hardware.

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