NZXT Performance Power 800W PSU
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 08-04-2008
Provided by: NZXT
The Unit

The PP800 comes in a very small box for a power supply, with sleek and simple decorations. Upon opening the box, we find that there really isn't as much padding as I've commonly seen on power supplies: just a thin layer of bubble wrap. Then again, if this box is shipped in a nicely padded one, there should be no problem, but that will depend on your vendor. Needless to say, it's not the most thorough packaging I've ever seen.

Along with minimal padding, the PSU also comes with a pretty minimalist bundle. Not that I expect much when I open up a PSU box, but the PP800 comes with the bare essentials: screws, a power cord, and the PSU itself; no manual or gratuitous PSU silencer bracket. As a consumer, I really like to see this kind of no-frills bundle. This really lowers the price, and helps you shave off a chunk of cash when all is said and done with the whole PC.

The PSU itself is very small, and has a nice matte-black finish. Upon first glance, it appears to fit the small ATX form factor, which would be great for HTPC users or SFF box builders. On the right side, we find the PP800 power chart, with a nice stamp of the NZXT logo.

On the bottom of the PSU, there is a large fan with the NZXT logo on the grill, which should do a good job of keeping the unit cool. You can also see that NZXT stamped their logo to the rear of the PSU, a nice touch — something I haven't seen much on other brand PSUs. At the inner end of the PSU, there's yet another fan, adding that little bit more of cooling capacity to the unit. This extra fan also allows the fans to both run at lower RPM, ideally lowering total the noise output of the unit.

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