NZXT Panzerbox Mid-Tower Case
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 08-04-2009
Provided by: NZXT

After removing two thumbscrews at the rear of the case, both side panels can be removed by the usual slide and lift procedure. There is no indentation in either panel however there is a lip extension along the edge at the center of both panels. Since the panels are comprised of a thin sheet of aluminum and extend to the full dimensions of the case, these silver metal tabs are attached to the back side rather than using the typical method of rolling and notching the edges of a steel panel. Inside we find a piece of anti-corrosion paper as well as an accessory box zip-tied in place.

Thumbscrews hold each of the vented riser blanks in place while a 120mm exhaust fan is secured with standard screws and wire grill. Everything has received the blacked-out treatment, even the fasteners. The fan power lead is bare however and ends in both a 4-pin Molex and 3-pin power connector for either motherboard or power supply compatibility.

The three 5" bays use thumbscrews to attach drives rather than tool-less rails or latching mechanism. These screws also secure the blank filler plates. Below the 5" bays is room for two 3" drives mounted front to back, although neither of these locations is available externally. Another bracket for an additional two 3" drives mounted sideways is located beneath that. Rubber strips on the sides of all the bays should help to reduce any vibration and noise from the drives. A large 190mm fan rated at 150cfm serves as intake and offers massive amounts of airflow for the 3" drives. Unlike the rear 120mm fan, this 190mm one only comes with a 3-pin power connector.

The top exhaust fan is another 190mm unit identical to that used in the front. It can optionally be removed and a dual-120mm radiator mounted in place with brackets provided in the accessory box. A full contingent of fasteners is also supplied, each in its own separately labeled plastic bag. A user manual complete with English instructions and black and white pictures is also included.

Now let's get some hardware installed in the NZXT Panzerbox.

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