NZXT Panzerbox Mid-Tower Case
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 08-04-2009
Provided by: NZXT

The NZXT Panzerbox measures roughly 18" x 18" x 10", a full two inches shallower and wider than the Beta chassis, and shorter than many other mid-tower designs. The lower half of the front panel is comprised of open mesh for superior cooling, and both side panels feature a small mesh section at the bottom rear corner. Only three 5" drive bays are accessible externally, and just like the Beta there are no external 3" bays available. Interestingly there are no apparent seams visible on either side; the panels extend all the way to the edges.

From the rear we can see that the entire Panzerbox chassis is painted black. Although laid out in typical ATX format for the most part, complete with 120mm fan opening for exhaust, the hole for the power supply is located above the riser slots. While some mini/micro-tower and HTPC designs may move the power supply in place of the exhaust fan, this is an unusual spot for a mid-tower case, and necessitates the extra overall width of the chassis. Two rubber grommets cover holes for liquid tubing near the top of the case.

The top of the Panzerbox is comprised entirely of open mesh, while the bottom is stamped from a solid panel. Rubber rectangular blocks placed at the four corners serve as feet and provide sure, anti-slip footing that won't mar the surface of your floor. There are also no ventilation holes to be blocked by placing the case on a carpeted surface. Surface indentations provide extra rigidity on both panels, the top in parallel lines and the bottom in the shape of an X.

Having examined the entire circumference we have seen that the only contrast to the relatively plain, black Panzerbox finish is the brushed aluminum NZXT badge on the front. The power and reset buttons are somewhat hidden along the left edge at the top front of the case. Fitted flush with the surrounding mesh, the top-mounted I/O panel provides microphone and headphone audio jacks, two USB ports and one eSATA connection.

Continue as we take a look inside the NZXT Panzerbox case.

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