NZXT Lexa S Mid-Tower Case
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 09-21-2009
Provided by: NZXT

I've installed the following hardware into the Lexa S case:

ECS A780GM-A Ultra Motherboard
AMD X2 4000+ Processor
OCZ SLI 2x1Gb 1066 Memory
Glacialtech Igloo Cooler
XFX 9600GSO Video Card
Seagate 120GB Hard Drive
DVD+RW and Floppy Drives
Aspire 500W Power Supply

The motherboard standoffs were difficult to get started due to the paint in the threads on the motherboard tray. Once those were in place, the full size ATX motherboard is a tight fit into the somewhat cramped interior. With less than 19" in height, top-to-bottom there is absolutely no extra space available between the power supply and the top exhaust fan. This would make it difficult to get a top-mounted radiator to fit. And it's practically impossible to access the rear water tubing grommets with both exhaust fans installed because the frames nearly touch edge-to-edge. There's slightly more room available front-to-back, at least with a less-than-full-length video card, however installing one that's 10"+, particularly one with forward-facing power connectors, may cause interference problems. One good thing about the closeness of the various components, I didn't run into any issues with cables coming up short, which can often be a problem with bottom-mount power supplies.

The LED lighting effect on the Lexa S is more subtle and not overly obnoxious. Given the amount of black used in this case and also the smoked side window, the overall effect is somewhat subdued. Other than the strikingly crafted shape of the front bezel the Lexa S could easily classify as one of NZXT's Classic Series, along with the original Lexa and Lexa Blackline. Up to two fans can be controlled with each of the two knobs installed in the Lexa S, which were configured for front/side intake and rear/top exhaust respectively. However unless you're a real stickler for silence, it's doubtful you'll find the included fans noisy; they're rated for only 23dB. This makes the fan speed controllers a bit irrelevant, I simply cranked them up all the way and left them there.

Let's wrap things up with some final thoughts and conclusion.

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