NZXT H2 Classic Silent Mid-Tower Case
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 06-23-2011
Provided by: NZXT

Both side panels, like the front door, are covered with a thin layer of acoustical foam on the inside. NZXT has kept these foam layers fairly thin, so they should not reduce cooling ability or inhibit airflow much. The entire interior framework has been painted with the same textured black finish that the exterior panels have. All of the wiring has also been given the black treatment with exception of the USB 3.0 pass-through cable.

The accessory box contains H2 case instructions, an NZXT product pamphlet and plenty of mounting and cable management hardware. Like the case, all of the hardware is colored black to match. Many of the screws, which offer the knurled thumb grips to make installation easier, already come pre-installed inside. A row of them lines the hard drive rails, however many of the holes are empty. This is likely the source of all the loose pieces we found bouncing around inside the case and plastic cover.

The power supply location features four rubber pads to keep it from contacting the bottom of the case. This reduces any vibration from the power supply fan as well as provide a gap for airflow and prevent scratching. The bottom panel is vented to allow intake if the power supply is placed with fan pointed down. Another opening for an optional 120mm fan takes up the space in front of the power supply. A removable mesh filter slides out from the rear and covers the bottom of these two openings.

The motherboard tray features a large cutout to allow access from the rear for quick backplate removal. There are also three large grommeted openings and several smaller ones that can be used to pass cables through, and plenty of reliefs cut for zip tie or twist tie attachment. An included 120mm exhaust fan and space for another 140mm optional fan take up the rear top corner of the case. We also see the underside of the hot-swap SATA drive bay.

Three 5" drive bays and eight 3" hard drive slots take up the front of the case. Both feature tool-less mounting, with locking clips for the optical drives and removable plastic trays for the hard drives. The hard drive trays use rubber isolated pins that allow quick and easy mount and dismount of drives, however there are no provisions for using a smaller 2" format drive with these. The thumbscrews conveniently located down the side of the rails, although not screwed in tight from the factory, provide a means to lock drives in place should you want more protection than the tool-less plastic tabs provide.

The right side view of the H2 shows that there is room behind the motherboard tray to run cables, even more so behind the 3" drive rails. All of the 5" drive bays, as well as most of the 3" trays are accessible from the front without removing the entire bezel. The bay covers and the intake fans can both be easily removed with quick release tabs. However, should you need full access to the front of the case, the bezel pulls off with just a moderate tug from the bottom.

Let's get some hardware installed in the NZXT H2.

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