NZXT Cryo S Laptop Cooler
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 07-14-2009
Provided by: NZXT
Battery Testing

To test the NZXT Cryo S, I first tested its effect on battery life and then measured the how effectively it cooled laptops.

For many people, overheating occurs most commonly in two places: on a rug/bed and on your lap. In either case, there is some sort of fluffy cloth or sheet that clogs air vents and trap heat inside the laptop. Because I like to use my laptop a lot on the move, I found that I was using the NZXT Cryo S a lot while running on battery power. I decided that, for the mobile user, a useful benchmark would be to measure the battery life of my netbook while running on battery with and without the cooler.

During tests, I ran the OCCT 3.1.0 CPU test on my MSI Wind U-100 and timed the battery life from a 100% charge until a 1% charge when Windows 7 shut the computer down. Prior to testing, the battery was completely drained to ensure the accuracy of onboard meters. When running the trial with the Cryo S in operation, the fans were at 100% speed.

As you can see, there was a pretty dramatic reduction in battery life when using the Cryo S. While these results certainly prevent me from running the Cryo S at 100% while on battery power, I still use the Cryo S on the go with the fans unpowered.

Continue on for temperature testing…

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