NZXT Cryo S Laptop Cooler
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 07-14-2009
Provided by: NZXT
First Looks

The NZXT Cryo S arrives in a well-fitted box, with just a plastic bag for protection. There isnít much extra room in the box for movement, and the Cryo S isnít an easily damaged accessory, so Iím not surprised that there isnít any sort of Styrofoam padding here. In all, the Cryo S bundle includes the unit itself, a DC power adapter, a USB power adapter, a USB cable for the hub, and a userís manual.

The NZXT Cryo S is primarily constructed from a 3mm thick brushed aluminum frame, with some hard rubber accents. The aluminum is available in both black and silver, and the brushed finish gives the unit a sleek and modern feel. Rubber accents along the wrist-rest and around the center of the cooler provide a more comfortable surface for your skin, as well as a vibration dampening surface for your laptop. Behind the ventilation slits on the front of the cooler is a honeycomb grill protecting the two 120mm fans, which make up the heart of the cooler.

On the bottom of the cooler, we find the two 120mm fans, which provide the basis for the Cryo Sís cooling abilities. Each fan is protected by a circular fan grill, which should provide little to no obstruction of airflow. NZXT did an almost immaculate job of cabling the fans, and in the second shot you can see where the fans are powered by the unitís control panel.

In the last shot, you get a good look at the unitís control panel. Here, we have 1) a USB port which connects to a USB port on your laptop: this provides data to the hub formed by the other two USB ports; 2) a DC power inlet which can receive power from either a USB port or the provided DC converter; 3) the aforementioned USB hub; and 4) a speed control for the coolerís fans.

I really like the idea of having a USB hub on the back of the cooler because it helps the Cryo S play the role of a docking station. You can come home and plug in just one USB cord, and you have your keyboard, mouse and whatever other add-ons.

Continue on as we have a look at the cooler in use.

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