NZXT Cryo S Laptop Cooler
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 07-14-2009
Provided by: NZXT

A few years ago, I read an article on why the portable computers we so commonly refer to as “laptops” have become “notebooks” on the websites of most (if not all) large companies. The article cited the recent trend of laptops (that’s what I’ll call them, anyway) operating at higher and higher temperatures, making it legally unsafe for large corporations to call their products “laptops” lest they be sued for injuries.

Indeed we only need recall (get it?) the battery fire scares of just a few years ago. While that is a particularly dramatic example, there’s no arguing with the fact that laptops get hot. Desktop-replacement laptops and power laptops are obviously the worst offenders, but even your friendly 12.1” extra mobile laptop or cute Macbook will get too toasty to touch in the right conditions. It’s no wonder laptop coolers have become increasingly popular as of late.

There are all sorts of laptop coolers on the market, but has only seen a few of them. Back in February of last year, our reviewer Frank Stroupe had a chance to check out NZXTs high end, aluminum laptop cooler, the Cryo LX, which fits up to 19” wide-screen laptops. NZXT was born into the case market, so designing for style on top of functionality is the name of their game. This design process proved thoughtful and effective as the Cryo LX earned our seal of approval. Today, NZXT is at it again, as I have a look at their Cryo S aluminum laptop cooler. Features, from the NZXT website, are:

* Built with 3mm thick aluminum with sturdy construction
* Cools your notebook with two controllable 120mm fans
* Two USB ports for your input and USB thumb drives
* Non slip rubberized plastic surface keeps notebooks from sliding
* Tilted surface allows for comfortable and relaxed typing
* Support for all types of notebooks from netbooks to 15" notebooks
* Ideal for eliminating and reducing heat in performance notebooks

The Cryo S is the little sibling of the Cryo LX, sized to fit laptops of up to 15” in size, but also recommended for netbooks. Is it as impressive as the Cryo LX was? Continue on as we find out…

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