NZXT Premium Cables
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Zahn Funk
Date: 03-16-2010
Provided by: NZXT
Closer Look

Here we have all six of the cables laid out in a row. From top to bottom: 24-pin ATX cable, 6-pin VGA cable, 6-pin to 6+2-pin CGA cable, 4-pin Molex to dual SATA cable, 3-pin fan cable and 4+4-pin CPU cable.

Looking at each cable up close, you can really appreciate the level of detail that NZXT has put into these cables. Most power supply cables with mesh don't have each individual wire covered like this.

Furthermore, most meshed cables aren't fully meshed and leave the ends open, exposing the ugly multi-colored cables that the mesh is designed to hide. This is especially true for the ATX cable. NZXT addresses this issue by fully sleeving up to the connector on both ends of each cable using heatshrink tubing.

Cable lengths are as follows:

24-pin ATX - 9.84"
6-pin VGA - 5.91"
6-pin to 6+2-pin VGA - 5.91"
4-pin Molex to dual SATA - 7.87"
3-pin fan - 11.81"
8-pin CPU - 9.84"

Continue ahead as we install the cables and wrap things up with some findings and a conclusion.

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