NZXT Bunker USB Locking Device
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 01-17-2011
Provided by: NZXT

The NZXT Bunker is a handy USB security device for any user who takes their computer to LAN events, conventions, school or any other public area where peripheral theft is a concern. Requiring only a 5" external drive bay and internal USB 2.0 header, the Bunker offers practically universal compatibility with just about any system in use today. Its simple design is easy to use and the inclusion of 20 different lock combinations reduces the risk that someone elses Bunker key will happen to match yours. The unit can accommodate cable connectors or other USB devices up to 1.6" in length.

There are a few ways that the Bunker could be better. For one, only relatively thin USB cables are able to fit through the slot under the locking door. A thicker cable such as used in some keyboards and headsets will create a problem. I would recommend a few semi-circular reliefs be cut from the bottom edge of the door to accommodate larger diameter cables.

Secondly, if you've got a headset with a USB connection you're covered but what about those with analog mini-plugs? How about replacing that far right USB port with a set of headphone/microphone audio jacks, since that location has limited use anyway due to the length restriction.

Finally and most importantly, the majority of the Bunker construction is that of plastic. The latch on the rear of the door where it locks is fairly thin and would be pretty easy to break. All it would take is a screwdriver under the cable slot to pry it open. Furthermore, the door and front faceplate are attached to the rest of the housing by only two plastic clips on the sides. It probably wouldn't take much to snap those pieces apart either. The whole slide mechanism, again being primarily constructed of plastic components, doesn't operate very smoothly.

While the Bunker may prevent someone from merely walking by and pulling the cord on a mouse, it only takes a brief assessment of the device's operation and a quick snap with a common tool to bypass its security. It would be my recommendation to replace the plastic material with a more solid steel construction, if not the whole frame at least the faceplate and door. Not only would this render the device more impervious to damage, it would also hopefully allow the slide mechanism to function better.

The NZXT Bunker retails for right around $25, which certainly provides some inexpensive insurance against casual theft of your gear, and any kind of deterrent is better than none. But with a nice gaming keyboard, mouse and headset costing upwards of $200 or more, I'd gladly pay extra for something a little more sturdy and deserving of its name. awards the NZXT Bunker USB Locking Device our Bronze Seal of Approval.

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