NZXT Beta Evo Chassis
Author: Charles McGraw
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 04-05-2010
Accessories and Fans

The accessories box is a little white box that uses two of the HDD rails to mount it in place inside the case. Not the most unique thing I've ever seen with cases, but effective and works well.

Once we open up the box we find the standard bag of screws and a case speaker. We also have the rest of the HDD rails for mounting the HDDs in the case. Unfortunately, there is nothing included for 2.5 HDD / SSD support. This may be the first con of the unboxing.

Now we've turned to the front of the case. That's the stock 120mm fan from NZXT, which comes per-installed. The fan looks like a 9-blade Young Lin Tech design, though I do not know for sure. The cable wire is fused together so they do not separate like a normal fan cable might. I kind of wish these fan cables would have come pre-sleeved. But then again, this is a budget case.

These fans have open corners, so you can mount them to just about anything that uses fan clips. The fan wire itself is a standard voltage-controlled 3-pin wire with a 4-pin Molex lead. This fan is very close to silent during operation. I can hear a gentle woosh of air and that's it. So the need to run these off of anything but the 4-pin is a little redundant.

The fan's specs are:

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