NZXT Beta Evo Chassis
Author: Charles McGraw
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 04-05-2010
First Look

The Beta Evo arives in the standard two Styrofoam blocks and wrapped in a plastic bag. An instruction & installation manual is also inside the box.

This case does look rather basic and plain on the outside with each side panel being fairly flat. The right side panel has a handle for easier removal.

The front and back of this case also share that same basic look. Something to note is the photos of the back of the case were taken with two of my personal fans siting inside as I had forgotten to take a picture of the back of the case before I started to build in it. But the black thumb screws on the left side panel do come with the case which is nice. And as we can see from the front of the case, perforated grills allow for plenty of airflow. Though, what you can't tell is that the front panel has mesh behind each 5.25 drive bay cover and front 120mm fan cover to act as dust filters to help keep your case clean. As we can see from the back of the case also, it comes with fan hole mounts for 120mm fans or 92mm.

There are also two holes for water cooling. Each are sized to fit 3/4 Outer Diameter tubing. Back PCI brackets are perforated as well, though they do not have any form of dust filters attached.

As we can see in these pictures, the bottom of the case comes with some small rubber feet to help reduce vibration if the case is up on a desk. And the top of the case comes with fan hole mounts for 120mm and 140mm fans.

Here are some shots of the stock configuration of this case. That little white box is the accessories box that I'll get to in a moment. As we can already see, the tooless locking mechanisms for all the drive bays are already in place. The cable management holes are a nice addition, though it looks like that hole for all the PSU cables at the bottom could be a little small. The CPU back plate hole is very spacious and looks like it should fit just about any socket type from Socket AM2/AM2+/AM3 to Socket's 775, 1156, 1366.

As we can see from these pictures, the nice rounded edges by NZXT's cable management holes are apparent. Though, this hole specifically is designed for the top fan's cables to run through, and the CPU power connector, either 8-pin EPS12v or 4-pin ATX12v as it is large enough for both.

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