NZXT Beta Evo Chassis
Author: Charles McGraw
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 04-05-2010

NZXT is rather new to the case business in comparison to names like Cooler Master or Antec, but they have been taking both companies by storm with their award winning Classic series. Today I've got the pleasure of taking a look at the NZXT Beta Evo from the Classic series. This case was purchased by myself for my rig to replace an Antec 300. When I originally saw the roll-out of the NZXT Beta, I was rather surprised that a $50 case, considered part of the budget market, was going to have a black interior and cable management abilities. At the time I was running the Antec 300, but I wanted a case with a bottom-mounted PSU as that had become my preference in design. Now let's move on and see if this case lives up to what I want out of a budget case for a mid-range gaming machine.

NZXT's standard packaging for these budget cases are very budget looking themselves; a standard cardboard box with black print on it to outline features.

A complete list of features has been reproduced below:

- Fits ATX & Micro ATX Standard Motherboards and Power Supplies
- Fits large 10.5 performance Graphic Cards
- Expanded Cooling directly cools Video Cards and CPU
- Support for up to 6 120mm fans with the option of 2 140mm fans at the top
- Screw-less Installation for Hard Disk Drives & External 5.25 Bay devices
- Black Internal Finish for sleek look
- Meshed front panel allows for better airflow than traditional cases
- Superior wire management with bottom mounted PSU and CPU Punchout for heatsink backplates
- 180 turned HDD Cage for a cleaner internal finish and better wire management
- External Dual Radiator support
- Top mounted USB/Audio for convenient usage


Front 120mm low speed Blue LED Fan (included)
Rear: 120mm Fan
Side: Two 120mm Fans
Top: Two 120mm or 140mm Fans


4 x External 5.25 Drive Bays
5 x 3.5 Internal HDD Racks
1 x 3.5 Internal FDD Bay

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