NZXT Adamas Premium Aluminum Chassis
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Frank Stroupe
Date: 11-13-2006
Provided by: NZXT
Exterior Cont.

Below we have a shot of the left side panel.

This panel houses two 120mm low noise intake fans which blow air directly over the processor and video card areas... essentially, the entire motherboard area. Following with the tool-less design, the side panel is easily removable via the two push-buttons at the top of the panel. Push these down and the upper portion of the panel pops free. Then just lift the panel up and off.

Here we have a picture of the rear of the case. The same sleek black design carries over here. The honeycomb-style fan grill houses a 120mm low noise exhaust fan. An I/O shield is included but most motherboards come with their own plate so odds are you will not need this one. One thing different from the norm here: there is no removable PSU bracket. You simply mount the power supply directly to the chassis.

This pretty much covers the exterior. Let's move along and check out what awaits inside...

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