NorthQ 3580 Siberian Tiger Water Cooler
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 06-03-2008
Provided by: NorthQ

The water block is installed by slipping the appropriate collar on from the base. The outer ring of the block is divided by a dozen teeth with matching cogs on the collar that must mesh in order to slip over the base. Once above the block ring, the collar is turned by a small degree so that the teeth lock in place and the bracket can then be attached to the motherboard. I'm installing the Siberian Tiger onto an AMD AM2 motherboard so the stock retention bracket has to be removed. Because I was also using an aftermarket backing plate, I had to swap this out for the stock one, although NorthQ provides one in case your board manufacturer doesn't comply with the standard unit. I will say that tightening the mounting screws requires quite a bit of spring tension to get started. Thank goodness for integrated heat spreaders on modern processors.

The radiator can be mounted anywhere within reach of the tubing that can normally accept a 120mm fan. Most mid and full tower cases for the past several years provide for a 120mm exhaust fan so this will be the likely choice for location. Since the system is sealed, it is not possible to disconnect the tubing and run it outside of the case for exterior mounting. According to NorthQ, the heat exchanger mounting orientation does not matter, the tubing can run from the top, bottom or sides as location dictates. I chose to mount it with the tubing at the top.

The fan also can be mounted to the front or back side of the radiator in either a push or pull airflow configuration. I've installed the 120mm fan so that it pulls air through as this is an intake location for me. Total time to install was around half an hour, and only that long because I had to pull up the motherboard to change out the backing plate. This is certainly the easiest and quickest water cooling kit install I've ever done.

Continue on for testing results.

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