NorthQ 3580 Siberian Tiger Water Cooler
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 06-03-2008
Provided by: NorthQ

The NQ-3580 comes with a multitude of components in order to be compatible with all the various AMD and Intel socket types. In addition to the sealed water block / pump / radiator system, NorthQ has included a 120mm LED fan, two different fan speed controllers, motherboard mounting brackets / backing plates and user manual.

The manual is detailed well with depictions of the various mounting brackets and installation instructions, although the English translation isn't the best. For a user familiar with installing aftermarket CPU coolers, the different attachment configurations aren't anything new. For the AMD socket clips, the spring loaded screws come pre-attached to the brackets, so there's no fumbling with these inside your case. The Intel brackets utilize push pins like the stock cooler attachment.

There are two optional voltage controllers included, one that offers a single 3-pin fan adjustment and can be placed most anywhere with the double-sided tape. The other is a riser slot bracket that offers three individual adjustments for 3-pin connections, one with a pass-through speed sensor and two others with just power and ground. The unit is powered from a 4-pin molex and incorporates a gold anodized heatsink on the back. The included 120mm fan uses blue LEDs that can be turned on and off separately with a push button switch near the power connector. The water block / pump unit requires 3-pin and 4-pin power connections. The heat exchanger is a 120mm radiator unit with fan / case mounting holes on either side to provide different installation options for mounting.

The water block uses a solid copper piece that comes with thermal interface material pre-applied. Under the paste the copper face is still quite rough from the machining process. In fact, there is very little reflection at all in the surface.

Let's move on to installation.

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