Noctua NH-U12 & NH-U9 Heatsinks
Author: OCIA Staff
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 05-10-2006
Provided by: Noctua
The Noctua NH-U9

The NH-U9 comes in a box much the same as the NH-U12.

The rear of the box where features and specifications are listed is also nearly identical to that of its big brother. The only differences here are surface area and compatible fan sizes.

4 Dual-Heat-Pipes
38 aluminum-fins with more than 3800 cm(2) surface area
Soldered joints for optimal heat-transfer
Superior performance both with silent and high-performance 92 or 80mm fans
Screwless fan-mount including anti-vibration strips
Universal fit (Socket 478, LGA, K8)
Includes high-grade thermal paste & installation manual

Again, not listed here, but on Noctua's website, the NH-U9 weighs in at 570 grams, a little lighter than the NH-U12.

The packaging method continues to be nearly identical to that of the NH-U12.

The NH-U9, installation manual, and mounting accessories.

The NH-U9 is smaller than the NH-U12, but is still a large cooler. It measures 128mm in height, 95mm in width...

and 70mm in depth without a fan. Fans are typically 25mm thick, so 95mm thick with a single fan, 120mm thick with dual fans... the same thickness as the NH-U12.

The design and construction of the U9 is identical to that of the U-12 with the exception of the difference in fin size (they even have the same number of fins). The quality of the contact surface on the base of the U-9 heatsink is exactly like the U-12.

The NH-U9 comes with all of the same accessories for mounting to Intel 478, LGA 775, and AMD K8.

Two styles of fan clips are included with the NH-U9, but from what I can tell they both line up with 92mm fans. They are spaced too far apart to hook all four holes of an 80mm fan, but can still be used to clip them on with two. We of course get shorter anti-vibration strips to use with the NH-U9. Four are included just like the NH-U12 so that we can take advantage of dual-fan configurations.

I applied the anti-vibration strips directly to the fins of the NH-U9 like I did the NH-U12 so that I may use as many different fans as I please.

The installation manual supplied with both coolers is exactly the same. We use the same mounting hardware for K8 with the NH-U9. The only difference here is the springs are chrome instead of black.

The NH-U9 is a much better fit.

I can install my memory modules after installing the NH-U9, unlike the NH-U12, so there is no interference when clipping on the fans. This cooler also wouldn't cause any interference with different sizes of memory modules in DIMM 4.

Now it's time to look at those fans.

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