Noctua NH-U12 & NH-U9 Heatsinks
Author: OCIA Staff
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 05-10-2006
Provided by: Noctua
The NH-U12 continued

Included back-plates from left to right: AMD K8, Intel 478, LGA 775.

Here are all of the mounting accessories except for the anti-vibration strips for the fans and the fan clips; those can be found in the photo below.

Four wire clips for mounting 120mm fans are included, so you can run dual 120mm fans on the NH-U12.

Four anti-vibration strips are included for use with the fans. The instructions say to apply the strips directly to the fans, however, I decided to apply them directly to the fins of the heatsink like Thermalright would recommend. This way, I can use as many different fans as I want without wearing out the strips.

With the anti-vibration strips in place, it's time to see what we need for mounting the NH-U12 to a K8 platform.

Setting up the NH-U12 for mounting to a K8 platform is very easy. Simply screw the K8 brackets into the heatsink using four of the supplied screws.

For K8 we use the larger black screws with the black springs and of course the K8 back-plate.

The fan clips hook around the edge of the heatsink fins on either side and snap into the holes on the fan.

This cooler looks massive, even next to the long 7800GTX video cards.

There is plenty of clearance between the "bottom" side of the heatsink and the top video card in the first x16 PCI-E slot on my DFI NF4 Ultra-D. Unfortunately I had to remove the top video card to clip the fans down on that side of the cooler.

Moving to the "top" side of the cooler, you can see that it is nearly touching the memory module in the bottom slot, or DIMM 4. If my modules were any taller, I'd be having to try and fit them in the yellow slots. Thankfully the fins of the heatsink protrude past the memory module just enough to fit the fan clips on, though there is some interference.

Now let's take a look at the Noctua NH-U9.

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