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Cougar 700M and Speed Gaming Mouse and Pad 09-22-2014

One look at the Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse and I was immediately reminded of another mouse I had recently reviewed, the Thermaltake Level 10. Upon closer examination there are more than a few differences between them, however compared to the typical computer mouse, they share a few similarities. For one, both exhibit a barebones-style open architecture with an aluminum skeleton. Both also feature adjustable panels to customize the fit to the user's hand along with fully programmable buttons and a high attention to detail on the fit and finish.

OCZ RevoDrive 350 PCIe Solid State Drive 08-04-2014

Today we have for review OCZ's latest RevoDrive 350. With the new model number falling in line with other recent OCZ offerings such as the Vertex 460 or Vector 150, the RevoDrive 350 marks OCZ's fourth generation PCIe-based SSD. Featuring dual or quad SandForce SF-2282 controllers (depending on capacity), the RevoDrive 350 offers up to an advertised 1800MB/s read and 1700MB/s write speeds and an astounding 135,000 to 140,000 IOPS. Utilizing the same 19nm Toshiba toggle flash found in OCZ's other recent offerings, the RevoDrive 350 sports a three year warranty with up to 50GB/day of host writes.

Swiftech Apogee XL CPU Waterblock 07-01-2014

Today we have for review Swiftech's absolute latest in blocks, the Apogee XL. Superseding the Apogee HD, which we reviewed two years ago, the XL offers some fine-tuning in performance for the latest AMD and Intel processors, reduced flow restriction and a new visual enhancement with LED back-lit logo plate in four included interchangeable colors: blue, green, red and white. There are two different versions available, the standard black polycarbonate body we received and an all-new XLC model with clear top.

X2 Aurel Noise Cancellation Headset 05-27-2014

X2 Products comes to us from a team of PC enthusiasts based in the Netherlands. X2 has sent over for review today the X2 Aurel audio headphones with passive noise cancellation. Despite having an in-line microphone, the Aurel seem to be emphasized more for their audio headphone performance rather than portrayed as a true gaming headset. X2 advertises the Aurel series 2.0 as genuine audio headphones designed for style and functionality with gold-plated cables, passive noise cancellation and superb and crystal clear sound.

OCZ 240GB Vertex 460 solid state drive 04-14-2014

One of the first announced products to come about as a result of Toshiba acquiring OCZ was the Vertex 460, a marriage of OCZ's Indilinx Barefoot 3 controller and Toshiba 19nm toggle flash memory. Advertising up to 545MB/s sequential reads and 525MB/s sequential writes and from 90,000 to 95,000 4K random IOPS, it appears as if OCZ is right back at the top of their game in the SSD market. Available in 120GB, 240GB and 480GB capacities with a three year warranty, the Vertex 460 joins the Vector 150 in OCZ's new lineup of consumer SSDs utilizing Toshiba's toggle NAND flash memory.
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