Noctua NH-C14 CPU Cooler
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 03-15-2011
Provided by: Noctua

The NH-C14 cooler weighs in at 1Kg total, or 700g plus 150g for each fan. It comes well packaged and ready to install, with the two NF-P14 fans clipped in place. In addition to the cooler there is also a user manual and three bags of installation hardware: one for AMD, one for Intel and one bag of common components. These include mounting hardware shared by both, as well as a case badge, LNA and ULNA fan voltage adapters, screw-down tool and thermal compound.

Looking at the C14 on its side, it appears much like any other push/pull configuration tower style cooler, albeit a little narrow in the fin area. However, compared to other top-down style coolers, having the ability to attach fans to both the top and bottom is unique. Not only does this give users the option for superior cooling, but also the flexibility to install only one fan either for maximum motherboard component clearance, or for more overhead room.

The C14 copper base has a nickel plating, just as the six heatpipes do, however the surface is not polished and still bears some rough machining grooves that cast a poor reflection. The P14 fans are used in many of Noctua's coolers, and flow 65cfm (110.3cmh) at less than 20dB when run at maximum 1200rpm. Using the LNA adapter drops this to 49cfm and 13dB at 900rpm, and the ULNA reduces that further to 42cfm and 10dB at 750rpm.

In addition to rubber stops on each fan, there are also rubber strips embedded in the fin surface to help quell any vibrations. Note the thick support bar that assists in holding the large bank of fins in place. Noctua also puts cutouts in the fins to allow you to mount the cooler screws using the included tool, without trying to get in under the fins to turn them.

Let's get the C14 installed and test it out.

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