Nesteq ECS 7001 700 Watt Power Supply
Author: Frank Stroupe
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 04-02-2008
Provided by: QuietPC

All cables are covered with a black nylon mesh. Rather than finish the mesh in heat shrink tubing as are nearly all meshed power supply cables, Nesteq has chosen these rather strange plastic end pieces. They securely finish the mesh; it isn't going anywhere, unlike many that I've had where the mesh slipped out of the heatshrink. The Molex connectors are the ones with the nice springy clips on the sides to aid in removal.

There are four PCI-E power cables, each with a 6/8-pin PCI-E power connector. I'd have to say that this is a pretty bold inclusion, I really don't think that the ECS 7001 would sufficiently power more than maybe a pair of 8800GTs in SLI, or possibly a trio of Radeon 3850s in CrossfireX. Not knocking this power supply at all… four +12v rails at 16A isn't enough for a pair of 8800GTXs or Ultras for sure and borderline for a pair of 8800GTSs. One needs to be looking at power supplies 850 Watts and over for high-end SLI systems.

Now we get to the main feature of Nesteq's ECS series, the standard power cables. The concept is to start with an expansion cable and add whatever “modules” you desire in the order you need them. If desired, end the cable with a floppy connector.

We see the same green connectors that we saw on the power supply itself. Each cable has a male and female connector, except the floppies, which have a male. The male of each will also fit into the power supply connectors.

There are three expansion cables, each about 17” long. There are five each SATA and Molex cables, each with two connectors, and about 18” long. There are also four floppy cables, each 3.5” long.

Use your imagination for configuring your power cables. Since the individual cables will connect directly to the power supply, you might want to connect an SATA there to power your SATA optical drive(s). They are even long enough for use in a full tower. Take an expansion cable, add a Molex section or two, and end it in an SATA cable, and you've taken care of pretty much everything else. In a mid tower, you may not even need an expansion cable since there is about 9” between the green connector and the first power connector.

Since I don't have a lot of stuff that uses 4-pin Molex, I used only a Molex and an SATA, along with an SATA connected directly to the PSU.

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