Nesteq ECS 7001 700 Watt Power Supply
Author: Frank Stroupe
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 04-02-2008
Provided by: QuietPC
A Closer Look

ECS is short for EECS or E2CS, which stands for “Enhanced Easy Connection System”. We'll look at the cables in just a minute.

The ECS 7001 sports a flat black powder coat. The rear of the PSU has a nice honeycomb mesh, allowing for good airflow.

The unit has a single 135mm fan, a popular configuration nowadays for power supplies. A single large fan turning slowly makes for a very quiet PSU. Its high efficiency of up to 86% means that the PSU runs cooler, so the fan has less need to run at a faster speed. The high efficiency also means that the PSU draws less wall current, which results in less dollars from your pocket.

Looking at the specs label, we see that the ECS 7001 has four +12v rails with 16A each.

As I mentioned earlier, the ECS 7001 is modular, with four PCI-E connectors and four connectors for SATA, Molex or floppy. The latter are a weird green, which I suspect is UV reactive, at least they look that way.

The interior of the PSU shows a nice amount of heatsinks, about right for an upper-end mid-sized power supply.

Included with the power supply is an 18ga cord, some wire ties and caps to end the power cables.

Let's look at the cables next.

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