Thermaltake NBcool T500 and T2000 USB Notebook Coolers
Author: Frank Stroupe
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 12-12-2007
Provided by: Thermaltake

Next, we have the T500. It pretty much is a smaller, simpler version of the T2000. Made of the same shiny black polystyrene, it is 11.8” x 9”, and is a little less than an inch at the thickest part. It weighs only 13 ounces. It is also USB powered, and comes with the same switched USB cable. It's smaller size will allow it to fit in most notebook cases.

Like the T2000 it has a pair of fans, but these are 80mm x 15mm, and are rated at 19dBA. It will hold the notebook at an angle, but a much slighter one than the T2000.

Besides having different sized fans, the T500 works differently, as the top fan vents are intakes, and the vents on the end of the cooler exhaust. It just so happens that one of the exhaust vents blows directly into the notebook intake. I don't think that the air would be warmed to make much difference, so that is pretty cool, making the notebook's cooler more effective.

Plug in the T500, and a question immediately comes to mind… why didn't they use the same 70mm fans that they used in the T2000? The 80mm fans aren't loud, but they are definitely audible. I thought maybe it was wind noise due to the bottom of the notebook being closer to the fans, but when I picked it up, I could still hear it.

Other than that, the cooler works great. The angle isn't quite as comfortable as the T2000, but it is fine, and definitely more comfortable than the notebook sitting directly on the table.

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