Logitech MX 5500 Keyboard / Mouse Combo
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Frank Stroupe
Date: 05-23-2008
Provided by: Logitech
First Look / Keyboard

Inside the retail box, we find the keyboard on top, covered in a plastic wrapping. The rest of the contents are tucked away safely under the keyboard. From left to right, we have the MX 5500 keyboard, Bluetooth dongle (conveniently hidden behind the keyboard in this photo), quick start guide with driver / software installation disc, mouse charger, four Duracell AA batteries and an MX Revolution mouse. I think this is the first time I've seen a company include non-generic batteries with a product.

I will start with the MX 5500 keyboard then make my way over to the mouse and the rest of the accessories.

As you can see, the keyboard looks really sleek and stylish. Given its separate bank of media buttons, I think it's safe to say this board fits nicely into that niche. The wrist rest is built into the board and cannot be removed. The back of the board is relatively plain. There are four rubber feet and two "standing" feet to raise the back section of the board up slight. I've yet to figure out why nobody puts rubber grips on these stands, as my boards tend to slide around a little when raised up. A red connection button is also present, should you run into any issues when linking the keyboard to the Bluetooth receiver. At the bottom of the board is the battery compartment.

On the far left side of the keyboard, we find the Flip 3D and zoom buttons. The Flip 3D feature pulls up a list of your open programs / windows and allows you to select the one you want to activate - much like Alt + Tab does. In your internet browser, the zoom function increases / decreases text size. To the right of these keys is the first bank of media keys, used to control audio / video. Play, pause, previous, next, volume up, volume down and mute are all here. You can also see that the escape key and function keys are smaller than normal. The function keys also double as preset hot keys, opening programs such as Word, Internet Explorer and your Calendar.

The center of the keyboard is relatively plain, but there is one thing here that I absolutely love - the fact that Logitech printed shortcut key reminders on the insides of specific keys. I am a big fan of shortcut keys, but even I sometimes have problems remembering all of them. This simple yet genius act will help me keep them straight, and more importantly, will help to introduce them to people who otherwise wouldn't use them at all.

On the right side of the keyboard, we find a smaller bank of media keys - Media Center, Photo Gallery and Gadgets. Just above this is the number keypad. Directly above this is a PC Power button and a calculator button. I assumed the calculator button was simply a shortcut to the Windows calculator, but this is not the case. More on that in a bit. We also see the rest of the function keys across the top of the board.

Aside from the LCD screen (which I will cover during testing), that pretty much covers the MX 5500 keyboard. Next up, the included MX Revolution mouse...

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