Mukii USB 3.0 Devices
Author: Jakob Barnard
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 10-15-2010
Provided by: Mukii USA

The hard drive dock is a similar device but meant to be a more permanent fixture on your desk. If you have a lot of drives that you hook up externally, a dock might be a better option for you than constantly pulling an adapter out of a drawer.

The dock looks great; I like the white styling with the metal accents. That really gave it a sharp appearance. On the top, the first thing I noticed is that while it supports a 3.5 drive, there is a little door with a 2.5 drive cutout. It is a thoughtful feature to also support that form factor as more and more of us are having that size of drives sitting both internally and externally.

On the back we can see the USB 3.0 and power ports.

I tested both with a 2.5 drive and a 3.5 drive. Both fit snugly into the dock without issues. I had been worried that the 2.5 drive would be a bit loose with the door, but that wasn't a problem. I never did figure out what the little (storage?) bay on the right side was for. It is too small for even a 2.5 drive. So other than paperclips or other desk knickknacks, it really seems to serve no purpose.

Testing just ahead.

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