Mobi Products iPhone Skin Case
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Frank Stroupe
Date: 10-02-2007
Usage, Findings and Conclusions

After the dust had cleared, I found several things I liked with the Mobi Products Skin Case and a couple of negatives as well.

Perhaps one of the best "features" of the case, which isn't even advertised, is the ability to use the belt clip as a stand for the iPhone. This comes in very handy when I have my phone sitting on the desk and want to send a text message, surf the net or check out some videos on YouTube. Other cases do advertise a "built-in stand" and charge extra for the feature.

As I mentioned earlier, the ability to remove the screen protector is very cool. I find myself using it more often than not. While it can be bothersome opening it each time to interact with the phone, it does help to keep the screen clean when you are talking on the phone. The natural oils from you face can be a pain to remove from the iPhone screen.

I really only found two things that I didn't like about this case. First, as mentioned earlier, it is difficult to access the silent ringer switch on the left side of the phone. The rubber material is pretty thick which makes it tough to get a finger in the small hole to flip the switch.

My second complaint, which really hurts the case's overall value, is the inability to use the iPhone dock. While the bottom of the case is cutout to allow access to the docking port, speakers and mic, there just isn't enough clearance to mount the iPhone in its dock. Keep in mind, however, that you can bypass the docking station and plug the sync cable directly into the iPhone just fine, but I know many users will not want to discard the docking station.

Overall, this is a good case for the price ($24.95 as of writing) that offers many great features in a phone case, but a couple of hangups may have some users looking elsewhere.

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