Mobi Products iPhone Skin Case
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Frank Stroupe
Date: 10-02-2007
Closer Look

The Mobi Products iPhone case is made from a very soft, stretchy rubber material. The front of the case has a large cutout which allows full access to the iPhone screen. Two slots are cut out for the speaker at the top and a home button is present at the bottom. On the left side are the volume buttons and a cutout for the silent ringer switch.

The bottom of the Mobi Products case has a large cutout that gives you full access to the docking port as well as the speaker and the mic. At the opposite end, we have a power button and a cutout for the headphone jack.

The included belt clip is made from clear plastic and is removable. The clip swivels freely 360-degrees allowing flexibility in use. Also note that there is a cutout for the iPhone's camera lens on the back of the case.

More just ahead...

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