Mophie iPhone 4 Juice Pack Plus
Author: Jakob Barnard
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 04-12-2011
Provided by: Mophie
Usage and Conclusions

As with Shawn’s review of the Juice Pack Air a few years ago, I avoided hard numbers in favor of practical daily usage observations with regard to the capacity of the battery. For my first test I fully charged both the phone and battery pack overnight. I then flipped the switch to charge when the phone hit 50% and turned it off when it hit 100%. Mophie states the iPhone uses more power when left on at 100%, so I opted to attempt to stretch the battery as long as possible. I recharged from 50% twice, though it only made it to around 70% on the third round. This translates to about a charge and a fourth along with 70% charge remaining on the internal battery. That stacks up well against the specifications and what was seen with the Juice Pack Air.

The look and feel of the case was great. There is a bit of weight added due to the fact there is a built in battery. When using in landscape mode, it actually made the iPhone 4 more comfortable to hold. Channeling the sound so it came out the front of the case works well. I really liked this as my hand tends to cover the speakers when playing games, so it eliminated that issue. The mute switch I thought was going to be difficult to reach through the opening wasn’t difficult to hit at all.

I could really only find one negative with the case and that is more of a preference. There isn’t a holster available for the Plus model. Speaking with Mophie I was told there is a holster available for the Air model, but there is no intention of making one for the Plus. With the case and a screen protector it shouldn’t be too big of a deal to carry in the pocket instead of in a holster, though that is my preference.

If you are a heavy mobile user, the battery of the iPhone 4 is something that will bother you. Making it a single day is possible, but can be a bit of a stretch. If you are a road-warrior that is of the web browsing, app using, music listening sort, the Mophie Juice Pack Plus is the perfect device for you. The fact that I won’t have to dig out my portable power pack between flights or search for an outlet in the airport makes this an invaluable product. The Plus runs about $20 more than the Air, putting it at $99. This is in line with similar devices and perfectly reasonable for what it does.

I am happy to award the Mophie Juice Pack Plus the Gold Seal of Approval.

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