Tagan CS-Monolith
Author: Keith Hamilton
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 09-17-2007
Provided by: Tagan
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There are plenty of rails for every application included. I really like the tool-less case idea, as it saves me a ton of work and fiddling with screws that might fall and get stuck somewhere. About the only screws that will be needed are the ones for the motherboard, PSU and exhaust fan.

My motherboard isn't very wide so it doesn't use the third column of mounts. The motherboard almost looks like a micro ATX sitting in the case. Even if you did use a wider motherboard, there is plenty of space to fit any number of expansion cards, such as a few 8800s as they are quite long.

Please ignore the rubber bands holding the fan onto the heatsink. Someone (probably me) lost the clips that hold this in place; my bad.

The PSU installs a little different than I'm used to. It comes with a bracket that mounts onto the PSU then mounts to the case. Normally these are all installed through the rear due to space. Obviously this case doesn't have that problem. I didn't notice before that this bracket is installed on the inside of the case, rather than the outside. It will not fit if you try sliding it in from the outside.

Since there is plenty of room, it slid in without any issues and screwed right in. There was still a lot of open space all around the PSU to keep it from getting very hot.

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