Tagan CS-Monolith
Author: Keith Hamilton
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 09-17-2007
Provided by: Tagan
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Let me clarify by saying that this case is huge. I want to get that out of the way. One of my favorite designs for cases is the matte finish for that modern look. The front has a smooth finish mixed with the matte to break up the monotony. With plenty of holes drilled out, they made sure there was somewhere for everything to vent, even above the PSU. For added aesthetics, the inside of the front door has been made with a mirror finish.

The door for the front opens to the left (if you're facing the case). A bummer that it couldn't be reversed, as it opens right in my way since it sits on the right side of my desk. This door is held shut by two magnets. That way you won't have to worry about clips or anything wearing out over time. One of the many benefits of having a large case is the expansion slots. There are a total of five 5.25 bays and seven 3.5 (two external and five internal).

There are three buttons inside the door as well. The big one is the power, the first little one is the reset and the last is the power switch for the front A+ light. Tagan has thought about the people who have their computer on at night in their room trying to sleep.

The case has swivel feet that will swing out to keep the case from tipping over due to its size. Honestly, I never swivel the feet out as it sits rock solid by my desk.

Facing the case, the external interfaces are located on the right hand side. They include two USB 2.0, one Firewire, and the typical Audio ports. We cannot ignore the mammoth 250mm fans any longer.

These bad boys have separate controls for on/off and fan speed; plus they glow a nice blue color. They also have blue LED lights to indicate whether they are on or not. These LEDs are very bright and will light up your room. This is also why I mentioned Tagan thought about the people who sleep in the same room as their PC. Every light on the case can be turned off with a switch. Good thinking Tagan.

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