Moneual Labs MonCaso 972 HTPC Chassis
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Rutledge Feman
Date: 07-16-2008
Provided by: Moneual Labs

Here we have a closer look at the power button and HDD LED indicator / IR receiver bank. On the right side, a closer look at the control buttons. From left to right: MCE (allows you to go to the application program directly and can be user-defined), App. Exit (quits the current application - works the same as ALT + F4), Back (goes backwards in a menu), Enter (selects an option), Start (launches the Windows Start Menu), Menu (same as the menu button on the remote control), while the arrows are used to navigate menus, etc. Below the control buttons is a large volume knob.

The 972 has plenty of cooling vents all around. There are two 80mm ports (one on each side) to accommodate hard drive cooling, although no 80mm fans are included for this purpose. There is also a 120mm size vent beside the power supply mounting area. Most cases position the power supply so that its cooling fan sucks heat from the CPU area, over the internal components and out the rear of the case. In the 972, the PSU's cooling fan is positioned facing this vent, so it intakes cool air from outside the case and blows it over its internal components and out the back of the case. This will certainly help the power supply operate at a lower overall temperature.

In addition to the PSU and HDD vents, there is another 80mm vent positioned beside the add-in card slots and two more vents just over these slots. These are only passive vents, as no fans are included to actively move air here.

The rear of the 972 is pretty standard. We have a PSU slot on the far left, with an I/O opening (no shield provided so you can use your own) and two 80mm exhaust fans just above the opening. There are seven expansion slots, but one is being occupied by the VGA cable used to supply video to the LCD screen on the front of the case. Two thumb screws are used to hold the top case panel in place.

Continue ahead as we check out the interior of the MonCaso 972...

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